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Top 3 Bags for Men in 2020

Get ready for the new year with the most fashionable men's bag on the market!

With the crazy chaotic schedules we all live these days, you don't have time to continually be returning to your car, the office, or home for all the stuff you need throughout the day. As a man, it can be challenging to try and carry all of your possessions with you all the time in just a few pockets.

Ladies get purses, but it's more common to see the hardworking man carrying a bag these days too. It's convenient, professional, and stylish, as long as you choose the best one for you and your lifestyle. Take a look at the top three styles of men's bags, including their functionality features and a few of the best on the market that you can order today!

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1. Messenger Bags

Messenger bags are the ones that you see men riding bikes with, traveling the subway, or walking into the office wearing. It's almost like a briefcase, but more modern. It's great when you want to remain hands-free on your commute. You can find these in varying sizes from small to large. You decide what will work best, depending on what you have to carry with you.

For instance, this Small Canvas Crossbody Shoulder Bag in Green is one of the more miniature messenger bag styles out there. You can put a 10" tablet, your keys, wallet, a few credit cards, and be on your way. It's not going to fit what you need for a long trip, but you can travel the city in confidence, knowing you have all your essentials with you. It's priced just right for the moment, too, and you can get one for less than $25!

If you know that you need a lot more space than that, the Laptop Messenger Bag Men's Shoulder Bag 16" Vintage Canvas Bag in Coffee Color might be the better option. You can store a 15" laptop in here in the main pocket, and then you still have a variety of other places to put your phone, accessories, and whatever else you might depend on. You can even use this for an overnight bag with all the available space. It's easier than dragging around a massive piece of luggage, and it's super stylish too! You can have this shipped right to your door in just a few days at a discounted price of $39.97. It's a limited time offer, though, so you better act fast.

2. Backpacks

Does the idea of carrying a "bag" make you feel somewhat emasculated? That's okay. It's pretty standard for guys not to want to wear a messenger bag. It could be because you work in an industry where it's not so common like construction, or maybe you're just ready for the tormenting from your buddies about carrying a "man-purse." The simple solution is a backpack. You still can take everything you need, but you look like a masculine man while doing so.

Backpacks have ample storage, some with separate compartments for laptops, making it similar to a briefcase but more fitting for those on-the-go guys. You can find different spots for organizing your keys, credit cards, electronic accessories like phones and cords, money, and more. These are often more comfortable for carrying around because they offer wide, adjustable shoulder straps for support. Backpacks are ideal for those that are in college, travel a lot, or want something for everyday use.

This Men's Waterproof Backpack with USB in Grey is the perfect option for those that would prefer a backpack style bag. It has the compartment for storing up to a 15.6" laptop for students and professionals. Foam padding in the adjustable shoulder strap allows for comfortable long-term wear. It even has a USB charger port design. You can put your USB charging battery inside the bag and use your phone or whatever else you're connected to on the outside for convenience while walking. It's durable and water-resistant for rugged individuals. It can be purchased right now for 50% off the original price too! You can have this bag for yourself or buy one for that special guy in your life for just $34.97!

3. Sling Bags

Sling bags are another common choice for those masculine men out there. It looks somewhat like a book bag, but they are often triangular in shape, and you wear it with just a single strap. It can be worn on the back like a traditional backpack, or you can "sling" it across your body. These aren't as big as backpacks, so you can't store quite as much. However, you still get the organizational and convenience factors of any of the other types of men's bags out there. They are great options for day trips or when you aren't required to carry every item with you that you usually would.

The Retro Messenger Bag Canvas Shoulder Backpack Travel Rucksack Sling Bag is a big of a hybrid for those looking for the sling bag style. The option for carrying it with a single handle as these style bags are meant to be is there. However, it's rectangular instead of triangular, and you have the added bonus of wearing it as a full backpack, too, if you want. A hand handle is attached for those quick grab and go moments.

You'll find room for a laptop up to 13" as long as it isn't in a sleeve or case. You can put your other possessions in the many different pockets, both inside and outside. Some are smaller for things like your money, keys, or phone. Larger pockets are featured as well to put magazines, documents, or bigger items in. The sling bag is made from soft and durable washed canvas and PU leather decoration, but it isn't waterproof. While quick trips in the rain shouldn't be an issue, you don't want to use this one for more extended outdoor activities. It is on sale right now too for just $34.99, making it a very reasonable offer. You have to act quickly, though, because it's not likely to stick around for long.

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